Does your building have the correct outside air to benefit the well being of your employees?

If not the consequence is significant sick time for employees because not enough outside air is being brought into the building. We can ensure your building has the proper air changes per hour.

Are your employees complaining about headaches or nausea?

You may have carbon monoxide or dioxide problem and not be aware of it. Do you need us to perform indoor air quality testing? We can check levels in your air to make sure employees are safe and not breathing in dirty air.

Is your building experiencing odor problems, is your ceiling cafeteria black because the grease hoods aren't capturing the smoke?

If so this could mean you're building exhaust fans aren't running properly and causing unpleasant odors and extra grease into the building. We can ensure exhaust fans are running at the proper levels to make sure you have the proper ventilation.

Is your building experiencing pressurization problems?

Do the doors at front of building or loading dock howl or are they hard to open or close? If so your air handling units may not be performing or the outside air is too little or too much causing doors to not open or stay open letting heat out in the winter and cool air out in the summer. We can evaluate space pressures and offer a plan help to eliminate these disruption.

Do you currently have a preventive maintenance program for your HVAC system?

If you ensure that your equipment in maintained, cleaned and checked periodically you could increase the lifespan of your equipment. We offer this service. (Maintenance includes periodic filter and belt changes, annual coil cleaning and electrical check out of equipment)

Is your building HVAC systems operating at peak performance levels?

We will ensure that all your pumps & fans will run at lowest possible break horse power and still satisfy the engineers design? In doing this you will ensure that your building is using the least amount of kilowatts per hour.

Are your heating and cooling coils performing properly?

We have the proper diagnostic equipment to perform dynamic coil testing which will show what your actual BTU exchanges are in the building. Fine tuning these coils will allow you to maximize BTU exchange in building minimizing energy consumption.

Are you in the market to build a new building?

Has your design team taken Test & Balance of your building into consideration? MTI's decades of experience from plan & spec to design build give us the experience and knowledge to perform design reviews. We can point out deficiencies and anticipate problems before building is built.

Are you Retrofitting or remodeling your building?

MTI has the ability to survey all HVAC systems and accurately report needs and concerns to engineer during retrofitting process.

Do you have an expert that will diagnose or solve problems like these?

If so use us for a second opinion if not call us….for a free consultation. Why, because all of these issues are costing you money.