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At MTI we can provide the services you need, no matter the industry your in.  MTI brings a "Full Project Awareness" approach to your project, by offering a variety of services throughout the building phases of construction, to allow you to have complete transparency and understanding of the project scope.

We can start by utilizing a 3D Building Scan which is a process of high-accuracy mapping or reality capture that uses a laser to capture all details of the entire building. It provides accurate information (down to .5mm) at the beginning of the project to help ward off any potential issues your construction project could encounter during the drawing coordination phase. Additionally, we can provide daily/weekly/monthly aerial drone footage to monitor job progress and give you visual updates to confirm what you are being verbally told is accurate in job progress meetings.


As you look at the different phases of your next project keep in mind MTI can add value to 6 of the 7 phases of a Construction Project. The chart to the left shows how all our services interact with the many phases of a Commercial or Industrial Building.

At the end of construction MTI Energy Management Professionals will help you realize the savings promised in the design and installation by helping you, as a building owner, implement a Continued Commissioning plan for effect preventive maintenance annually.

If you hire MTI to do your building commissioning we will stay on top of the project by utilizing these tools in the field with the contractors. Not from a desk in an office, MTI Commissioning Authorities create, complete and review our Commissioning reports in real time during equipment deliver, start up or occupancy. 

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