Mechanical Testing Inc.
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Below please find resources available for download or links to videos we think will be helpful when looking for the various qualification or experience resources created by the Mechanical Testing, Inc.

Here is a workflow chart highlighting the different services MTI provides and where they may fit in to your next project.


3D Lidar Scanning

MTI has found that it is important to have accurate drawings and measurements for buildings when doing any renovation/retrofit work. This can save money and prevent issues during the construction coordination process. The drawings you will have will be accurate (to 0.5mm) and provide the data necessary to make the project a success for the owner.

2D and 3D Mapping Leica Scanner

HVAC Test and Balance

Please find below for download the Mechanical Testing, Inc. official Capability Statement and weblinks for our certifications. Please call or email our headquarters should you have any questions or concerns. (518)-450-7292 or 

Building Commissioning

Mechanical Testing, Inc. has been performing Building Commissioning services as part of it's TAB work since 1967. In that time as Building Commissioning began to evolve into its own discipline, MTI evolved as well. Now holding all Commissioning Certifications through ACG (AABC Commissioning Group) Mechanical Testing can tackle any of your Cx needs

DRONE Services

Over the last decade MTI has added new services to our offerings based on what our clients are asking for. UAV (Drone) and 3D scanner are just two of those new offerings. UAV's can bring back amazing amounts of data and MTI Inspectors will help you use that data. Our Pilots are FAA Part 107 certified and fully insured.