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Mechanical Testing, Inc.

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Putting safety and quality to the test for over 50 years by providing Full Project Awareness. Contact us for industry-specific case studies at 518.450.7292

MTI, established in 1967, prides themselves on independence and providing customers with a "Full Project Awareness" approach.  We are a vibrant, women-owned and operated company with a strong digital infrastructure and leading HVAC Test and Balance services program. The company, identified as a leader in the Northeast, is known for a high-level of integrity, industry knowledge, quality control, and excellent customer satisfaction. Over the last two decades, MTI expanded their services to include ASHRAE 110, Building Commissioning, 3D Modeling, Fume Hood Testing, Thermal Façade Building scans utilizing commercial grade drones and other ancillary services.  We are AABC, NEBB, TABB, CxA certified.


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Why is there water in the fan compartment downstream of a cooling coil?