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3D LiDAR Scanning

As human evolution took place humans built things on grander scales, constantly improving and learning better building principles. Now in the 21st century that is no different. UAV's and Robotic technology has increased humans ability to build with precision and accuracy through LiDAR that was only achievable in the past by the most master of builders. Although we have made our name in NYC for our 3D LiDAR Scanning Services, we are proud to serve many locations in the United States.

Today using LiDAR to measure existing conditions is accurate down to the 0.5mm. When it's time to put an addition on your existing building or facility, getting a 3D LiDAR scan of the environment can save the project (Owner) tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in man hours for layout, coordination, human error, etc...

Gaining "Full Project Awareness" is key from the beginning of a renovation all the way through the life of a Commercial or Industrial Building. When you bring a 3D Model to the table of a project many positive things occur:

  • Construction Team makes more informed decisions
  • Elevation Conflicts & Clash Detection
  • Verify Changes over time (possible foundation settling issues)
  • Verify Construction Processes
  • Verify Retro-fits and Validate existing conditions
  • Create working RVT for alignment with existing CAD files
  • Preservation of Historical & Cultural Environments
3D LiDAR Scanning