Air Balance

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/images/men-working.jpgTest and Balance can be defined as the Art of Displacing Pressures. It is a process that measures and adjusts the air distribution of a given HVAC system. Air will follow the path of least resistance. New systems generally have problems where too much air is supplied to certain areas of the building and too little to others. Balancing involves setting the air flow in these environments to a designed specification allowing for comfort and efficiency. HVAC systems require balancing from the onset of their use and must be maintained over time in order to reach their intended life span and to ensure energy savings over time.

Our team of certified technicians will provide comprehensive testing & balancing along with a detailed, easy to read report assessing the system and providing information to resolve any problems, if necessary. We do a majority of our work on site and are able to do so in an occupied building with very little, if any disruption of workplace activities.

Symptoms of a building with an Air Balance issue:

  1. Entry way doors "howl" and are difficult to open or won't remain closed

  2. Odor issues in storage areas, break rooms or worse... bathrooms!

  3. Frost forming on window sills in the winter

  4. High and Low Temperature areas in a building

  5. Cooling problems in the summer – no matter how long the AC runs the desired temperature is never met. Your building pressure could be negative, drawing in the hot and humid air. The AC can't ever catch up and your energy bills hurt worse than the heat...

  6. Low Humidity – space is always very dry

  7. Drafts – The wind tunnel effect. As you walk from one area of a building to another you can feel a breeze in one direction or another.