Cleanroom Commissioning

Cleanroom 1A cleanroom can be defined as an environment free from dust and other contaminants, used chiefly for the manufacture of electronic components. They are used in almost every industry where small particles can affect the manufacturing process.

Cleanrooms typically maintain this particle free environment thru the use of HEPA filters and are classified by how clean the air is within their confines. A cleanroom typically consists of a series of “tools” that are designed for the production and manufacture of specific products. Many of these tools have exhaust requirements in order to properly operate within the cleanroom.

MTI has worked on many of the cleanroom facilities in the upstate NY area. We offer extensive cleanroom experience ranging from balancing the buildings house Supply, Exhaust and water systems all the way to helping  maintain the supply and exhaust requirements of the cleanroom itself.

Cleanroom 2MTI has assisted with numerous tool installs, ensuring the flow requirements are met for each respective tool, while having no impact on cleanroom production. We are also pleased to now offer Cleanroom Certification, allowing MTI to be a one-stop shop for all of your cleanroom balancing needs.