Comfort and System Surveys

Woman relaxingComfort is the condition where individuals will express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a given temperature in an environment. Individuals want to be warm in the winter, cool in the summer and generally comfortable all year round no matter what the weather brings. The basic function of the HVAC system is to provide heating and cooling. A system needs to be sized properly to ensure the desired temperatures can be reached and it operates at an efficient level. An undersized system may lead to lower temperatures and also higher operating costs. A system that is too large will "short cycle," meaning it will not run long enough to remove humidity from an environment and reach cooler temperatures. This will also lead to mechanical problems with the system.

Mechanical Testing Inc will inspect the system, checking the ductwork and HVAC equipment. We are able to balance and also diagnose any problems in the system, making recommendations to remedy any problems. A properly balanced system will add comfort and energy savings to a building.