Control Systems Verification

Duct LeakControl systems play a major role in maintaining the overall comfort and efficiency of a building. The calibration and commissioning of these systems is required to verify they meet specifications and no installation problems are found. We work with control contractors to ensure the system functions properly and operate within design tolerances.

Control systems will also change over time with use. An annual survey may be beneficial to ensure continued energy savings and to be sure equipment has not fallen into disrepair.

Some common problems in an unbalanced system may include:

  • High Humidity (room feels damp/wet)
  • Low Humidity (room feels dry)
  • System is not producing desired temperatures
  • Air is stale with possible odors

When a system rebalance is necessary, we are able to survey the existing system, troubleshoot potential problems and bring the system back in-line with design specifications. In many cases a simple software "glitch" could be the difference between a comfortable work place and the nightmare of unhappy employees. A Mechanical Testing HVAC Survey can spot these problems if they exist and quickly guide you in the correct direction to fix the issue. Your building HVAC system will continue to give you the energy savings promised in the design and happy employees that see you care about their health.