Functional Performance Testing

PerformanceThis process normally takes place during the commissioning phase of the project, and ensures that all of the systems, subsystems and equipment are functioning properly in all modes and conditions. All system communications and control interfaces are also checked for proper operation. This can also be completed during a renovation or retrofitting application. In many cases Mechanical Testing can identify energy saving issue's that when addressed can return equipment to efficient levels.

Example: A HVAC system being retro-fitted after 15 years of service: Original duct sealer on all joints was cracked and leaking. Static pressure losses identified and recorded by our certified technicians brought this problem to the contractor before the duct was reinsulated. For the minimal cost of 3 men x 3 days, plus some buckets of duct sealer the customer now had a system that we had to slow down 10%. Over a calendar year the savings in brake fake watches uk horsepower at the air handling unit paid for itself quickly.

Mechanical Testing Inc. will work with the Commissioning Agent to ensure all of the building systems we are responsible for balancing are operating properly and as intended.