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About Our Staff

Established in 1967 Mechanical Testing Inc. was founded by John Lapinski who cared about small business' in the Capital District of New York. Since then the company has changed hands twice, both times to local families. First Dianne and Albert Englehart took over in 1993, and were great custodians for the company, guiding the company through some tough economic times ensuring that all the employees always had work. In April 2008 Eileen and Brian Venn have taken over this third generation company and have goals to continue to grow the company into Western New York and Western Massachusetts.

We have successfully worked with many other major construction companies across the country and completed more than 3000 projects including Wal-Mart, Federated and Abbot Labs.

Mechanical Testing is a small business that has focused on it’s employees for 50 years.  We pride ourselves on creating a work environment that is safe, respectful and gives people room to grow.  Each year we reinvest thousands of dollars on training our people to be better Industry Specialists.  Keeping them up to date on the most cutting edge equipment and procedures is our mission.  Our people are our greatest investment and our customers see that on each and every project that we are given the opportunity to work on.

Let our people make your next project a SUCCESS!

Our Staff

Eileen Venn – CEO
Eileen is a graduate of SUNY Albany with a BS in Business.  Eileen started in the beer industry working her way through different corporations from the Boston Beer Company to DIAGEO (Guinness) managing more than $2 million in budgets before purchasing Mechanical Testing in the spring of 2008, (A company her father worked at for almost 20 years).  Since becoming the owner of MTI, Eileen has brought the company to the front of the industry by bringing the company into the digital age.  Prior to Eileen MTI did about $1.2 million in sales annually and now with the changes Eileen has made has more than doubled the annual sales of the company.  Eileen instituted a paperless reporting system that allows MTI to turn a job report around for our customers in as little as 24 hours, something that previously took weeks to deliver.  In a short decade the company has flourished under Eileen’s watchful eye, with great things to come on the horizon! eileenv@mechtest.com
Eileen Venn
Brian Venn – Vice President
Brian has worked at Mechanical Testing since 1998.  Brian has been certified as a Test and Balance Engineer by AABC since 2008.  Customer Service is the gold standard that has given Mechanical Testing is great reputation and Brian is in charge of all customer concerns.  Making sure the owner is satisfied with their new or renovated building is Brian’s chief goal.  Safety of the workforce and job sites are also at the top of Brian’s daily routine, making sure that all OSHA regulations are followed.  As Eileen brings new ideas or organization to the company, it’s Brian’s job to make sure they are implemented. brianv@mechtest.com
Brian Venn
Mike Morwin - General Manager
Mike has been at MTI since August 2009 and is certified as an AABC Test and Balance Engineer & ACG Commissioning Authority. Mike’s chief responsibility is the review of all test reports distributed to our customers, and his attention to detail helps assure that reports are verified for accuracy and follow the design intent of the Engineer’s design in each project. Mike is in charge of the quality assurance program set forth by AABC, in which MTI follows on each and every project we work on. In 2020 Mike moved into the role of General Manager where he oversees daily operation of the HVAC & Commissioning Departments. mikem@mechtest.com
Mike Morwin
Sharon Venn- Senior Project Manager
Sharon has been with MTI since September of 2012. Her many years of experience in construction and customer service proves invaluable when insuring that our client’s needs are met on a daily basis. From building our client base, pursuing awarded bids, building job projects for our certified technicians, collection of receivables and property management, she is attentively engaged in her daily work. sharonv@mechtest.com
Sharon Venn
Ken McThenia - Senior Estimator
Ken has been with the company since September 1997.  Currently the longest standing employee working at MTI, Ken has a tireless work ethic.  Making sure our customers have the best bid number on bid day has been Ken’s responsibility for almost 20 years.  His attention to detail has saved countless projects time and money, as Ken evaluates each job from the design intent documents through the ability to actually complete the work.  Ken’s knowledge of the industry is second to none in our region on bidding day! kenmc@mechtest.com
Ken McThenia
Shayne Spiezio – Commissioning Project Manager
Shayne joined MTI in 2019, bringing 25+ years of Industrial Mechanical experience. Has in depth knowledge with PDM’s, CMMS and Development of Maintenance activities. Knowledgeable of what it takes to prepare, maintain and train staff to meet the demands of everyday functionality of buildings technical equipment and manufacturing operations. Daily activities verifying systems and subsystems for the Design and Intent meeting the Engineers requirements. Work closely with our customers to provide assistance and ensure that their Newly or Existing building will operate to maximum efficiency at minimal cost to operate. Assist clients with Building Envelope Inspection, Infrared inspections, Blower Door Testing and Maintenance Planning. shaynes@mechtest.com
Shayne Spiezio
Jamie Morwin – Office Manager
Jamie has been with Mechanical Testing for 12 years. She is in charge of all Billing, Invoicing, Contracts, Certified Payroll and insurance documentations. jamiem@mechtest.com
Jamie Morwin
Chasen Brown - Vice President
Chasen is Vice President of Mechanical Testing, Inc. and he has been with the company since March 2008.  Chasen is following in his father’s footsteps, Dave Brown who was also Vice President with the company for over 30 years.  Chasen is a certified Field Technician by NEBB and AABC, as well as being a Certified TABB Supervisor by SMWIA.  His years of experience in the TAB and CxA industries set him apart allowing him to work on many diverse systems from cleanroom environments, science centers at universities, to hospital and urgent care facilities.  Chasen is also certified to perform ASHRAE-110 Testing of fume hoods. chasenb@mechtest.com
Chasen Brown
Jeff Paro - TBE & Capital Region Superintendent
Jeff has worked at MTI since February 2002.  In that time Jeff has completed his 5 year apprenticeship and worked his way up to become SuperIntendent of the Capital Region.  Jeff is in charge of all technicians in this region and works with customers daily to ensure projects are completed successfully and timely.  Jeff is Certified by all three certifying bodies in the industry - TABB,  NEBB and AABC as a Field Technician.  Jeff has been responsible for the success of all MTI’s projects in the Capital Region since 2013.   jeffp@mechtest.com
Jeff Paro
Matt Pello - Certified Technician
Matt has been with MTI since November 2000.  In that time Matt has completed his 5 year apprenticeship training program and has been certified by the SMWIA as a Field Technician.  Matt’s experience at MTI has been in many different indoor environments, from cleanrooms and manufacturing spaces, to hospitals and schools, and his experience brings value to each project that he is involved in.
Matt Pello
Brian Kotsubka - Certified Technician
Brian has been with MTI since March 2011.  He is certified by the SMWIA as a TABB Field Technician and has completed his apprenticeship program through local 112 Binghamton, NY.  Brian’s experience has taken him through many different projects, in many different indoor environments.  Brian’s attention to detail is referenced by the constant great feedback our customers give for his efforts.  Customer Service is one of Brian’s greatest strengths.
Brian Kotsubka
Luke Hendrickson - Hudson Valley Superintendent
Luke has been with MTI since October 2008.  In the decade that has passed Luke has worked his way up through the company by first completing his 5 year apprenticeship program through local 83 SMWIA in 2013 and furthering his certifications since then.  Luke is a NEBB Certified Professional and is a certified TABB and AABC Field Technician.  Since Luke has been able to achieve many different credentials he has been promoted to be the Head Trainer for all new technicians starting with the company.  In the past few years Luke has been responsible for the success of many of MTI’s new technicians.
Luke Hendrickson
Kevin Greenwood - Certified Technician
Kevin has been with MTI since March 2007.  In that short time Kevin has been able to finish his 5 year apprenticeship program through local 83 SMWIA in Albany, NY.  Additionally Kevin is certified by AABC and TABB as a Field Technician capable of performing a wide range of TAB work.  Kevin’s job experience has taken him from hospitals to extremely large state institutions.  Kevin’s attention to detail has given the construction team insight into troubleshooting issues with equipment as well as insight on how to understand design intent issues, helping the construction team find a path to resolution.  In the decade that Kevin has been with MTI, his projects have been a success for our customers and are always completed in a timely manner.
Kevin Greenwood
Joseph Scaperrotta - Director of UAV Operations
Joseph is a Certified FAA Part 107 pilot with over 5 years of aeronautical experience and comes from a background of over 6 years in the Fire Service. Since joining the MTI team, he has become a Certified DJI Consumer & Enterprise Repair Technician and Level 1 Thermographer. He also has experience working in the computer and network security industry. Possessing proficient skills in Project Management, Computer Repair, Front End Development, Sales and Databases. Holding strong operations professionalism with a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Informatics, Concentrated in Cyber Security from University at Albany, SUNY. joseph@mtidrones.com
Joseph Scaperrotta
Chris Rudolph – UAS Specialist
Chris joined the MTI Drones team with an extensive background in public service. Chris was previously in the fire service and has provided over 18 years of service in local law enforcement. He currently serves as Patrol Sergeant for one of our local law enforcement agencies. Additionally, he is a member of that agency's UAS Unit, overseeing day to day UAS operations, training, and maintenance. Chris utilizes UAS on a regular basis for patrol, special operations, collision and crime scene reconstruction, and water rescue. Chris is an FAA certified Part 107
Pilot and FAA certified Private Pilot with over three decades of experience in manned and unmanned flight. At MTI Drones, Chris operates our repair center, instructs new and experienced pilots, and pilots our aircraft on types of missions. chrisr@mtidrones.com
Chris Rudolph
Matt Kessler - Certified Technician
Matt has been at MTI since May 2008.  Matt completed his apprenticeship training at local 112 Binghamton, NY.  Since completing that training Matt has gone on to become certified by SMWIA as a TABB Field Technician.  Matt’s experience has allowed him to work in many different indoor environments, replica watches from pharmaceuticals manufacturing to classrooms environments.
Matt Kessler