Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance can be defined as the upkeep that is necessary on a piece of equipment to keep it from failing. Preventative maintenance should be planned so that the resources are available to complete the work. Typical examples in the HVAC field include regularly checking the units belts, sheaves, coils, filters, dampers etc are properly functioning and are not worn. Planning maintenance has many advantages over reactive maintenance. The biggest advantage is cost. When reacting to an issue that could have been prevented, there are the added costs involved with labor, parts, shipping and lost time. Another advantage of preventative maintenance is Energy Savings. A unit will work harder if the belts are not tight and the filters & coils are not cleaned, changed regularly.

MTI can assist  with the maintenance and upkeep of units by helping to develop a preventative maintenance program for a building and its HVAC equipment. Our staff of certified technicians can inspect each unit and recommend any maintenance or repairs that may help replica watches improve performance and extend the life of your building systems.