Public Works

U.S. Land Port of Entry – Massena, NY

Construction of a new secondary inspection warehouse and office building for commercial cargo; new export control building with inspection booths; infrastructure for private broker spaces; new construction of the main administration building including offices above the passenger inspection booths; primary and secondary inspection plazas, and warehouse/garage facilities; new central utility building.

State of Vermont Forensics Science Center - Waterbury, Vt

31,460 sqft, new construction and renovation of adjacent building including new forensic labs, state police headquarters, morgue, and crime research center.

Albany County Courthouse – Albany, NY

145,000 sqft, rehab and renovation to this historic downtown landmark. A very precise phasing plan has allowed full use of the courtrooms throughout the construction process.

Chester Union Free School District – Chester, NY

New 135,000 sqft Jr/Sr High School, renovations of the 80,000 sqft elementary school, and new bus facility.

Johnson City School District New K-8 Facility – Johnson City, NY

Construction of brand new 265,000 sqft building with a 25,000 sqft gymnasium and two new media centers.

New York State Office of the Comptroller – Albany, NY

470,000 sqft, 15-story Class A office building which houses multiple state agencies.