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Thermal Imaging Building Scans

Thermal Imaging Building Scans

Thermal Imaging Inspection
We use drone-mounted full radiometric thermal cameras to inspect sites and assets for leakages, concealed defects, and problematic temperature variations. The use of drones is particularly well-suited to high, difficult-to-reach assets.

This solution overcomes the challenges of surveying large and inaccessible areas, offering a technique that is quicker, safer, and creates significant cost efficiencies.

Identify problems before failure occurs
The speed, ease, and cost of drone-based thermal inspection means this work scope can be carried out more frequently than traditional methods. In turn, this means identified areas can be monitored more often until maintenance or replacement can take place, ensuring failure does not occur.

Reduce costs
Avoid the expense of using helicopters or the time inefficiency caused by conducting inspections manually.

Detailed, accurate data
Manual thermal inspections are often slow to undertake and can provide inaccurate data, particularly from high or difficult-to-access areas. Avoid guesswork and incorrect decision-making with detailed, actionable data.

At Mechanical Testing, Inc., we use drones to help inspect wind turbines, roofs, buildings with thermal imaging, solar panels, power lines, and more. If you need help integrating UAV safety plans on your construction site, contact us today!

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