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AABC suggested Specification accepted by AIA MasterSpec

AABC suggested Specification accepted by AIA MasterSpec

Mechanical Testing, Inc. has been a member of the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) since 1967. During that time AABC has always been an Industry leader in development of procedures & methods, specifications and standards for the Test and Balance trade. 

During this time other TAB bodies have endeavored to replace AABC as the Premier Test and Balance Association in the world, unsuccessfully. To that end AABC suggested specification for Total System Balance has been incorporated into the AIA's MasterSpec. This is why MTI is a member of AABC. To be a member of an association that has been acknowledged for their sound specifications and procedures gives me peace of mind that my company is doing things right. 

Not enough engineers are aware of this in our humble opinions and MTI wants to help spread the world. AABC looks out for designers who are struggling where to find the right specification requirements to make their work sound. Many engineering firms subscribe to Master Spec and maybe don't even realize the TAB spec they are pulling was created by AABC. 

Either way, be a member of AABC has allowed our customers a piece of mind that MTI is working for them because we are Independent. We do not sell pumps or filters, we do not design HVAC systems or install them. MTI TAB technicians only perform TAB services. Being "Independent", MTI will always bring an unbiased view to the table and help the owner get what they paid for in the design, installation and energy performance.

*Note MTI also strives to ensure HVAC systems are compliant with ASHRAE 90.1 energy code compliance

Service Area: HVAC Test and Balance