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How New Technology for Construction Is Impacting the Future of Building Green

How New Technology for Construction Is Impacting the Future of Building Green

There’s nothing more important to a construction company than efficiency and productivity. That’s why construction professionals are heavily reliant on just about anything that will make their job easier, safer, and quicker -- including the emerging new technologies for construction.

Construction technology has seen a great deal of improvement in recent years. This includes a wide amount of digital solutions, mobile technologies, autonomous equipment, and other technological innovations that make complex projects and construction sites more efficient. 

Below, we’re going to teach you some of the major benefits this new technology brings your team, as well as some of the innovations you should pay attention to in today’s society. 

Construction, Site, Build, Construction WorkBenefits of New Technology for Construction Companies

Construction teams and project managers are always looking for ways to improve. Not only does it make various construction processes more effective, but it helps them save money and increase profits. Much like any business in any industry, those things are highly important. 

Construction sites today can heavily benefit from the wide array of emerging technologies taking over the industry. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent benefits they can receive:

Improve Jobsite Safety & Building Inspections

Technology is having a lasting impact on the safety of construction workers. Everything from wearable tech to autonomous heavy equipment is putting human workers out of harm’s way. Not only that, but building inspections are more accurate, which can enhance safety once the project is complete. 

Progress Monitoring & Progress Reports

There’s a variety of new construction technology impacting the way construction firms monitor and report progress. Drones, mobile apps, and software improve the way we view progress and collect data from a remote location, which is something that used to require a trip to the construction site. 

Building, Construction, Site, Cranes, ArchitectureRemain Competitive On a Tight Construction Schedule

Construction teams work on a tight schedule -- we all know this. One of the most difficult things a construction team faces is sticking to that schedule and keeping up with the competition. With the right construction technology, you can put your construction team in a position to succeed.

Streamline Processes & Repetitive Tasks

Automated technology is helping construction companies streamline just about any construction process. They can also help automate repetitive tasks that act more as a distraction to the workers than anything else. It allows your team to focus on what’s most important to their day-to-day progress.

Real-Time Data Collection

Mobile apps are making it very easy to collect data in real-time and maintain historical data for future considerations. Whether you’re using a mobile phone or tablet, you can gather a wide amount of accurate, valuable, and fast data from the job site. This works hand-in-hand with your team’s ability to stay efficient, communicate, and report.

Architect, People, Plan, ConstructionNew Construction Technology Trends Reshaping the first Construction Industry

Whether you’re looking at cloud technology, digital tools, unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous equipment, or protective equipment, there’s a number of new construction technology trends that are turning heads in the construction industry today -- and there’s no sign of slowing down.

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent trends that could improve the way you manage your construction projects on a daily basis -- including augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, AI, construction wearables, 3D printing, modular construction, and much more:

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two of the most exciting ways to interact with your construction project before you begin traditional building. They help give a digital representation of what your project will look like and how it will function in a controlled environment. You can then use those findings to improve how it’ll eventually function in a real-world environment. 

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) go hand-in-hand. They can improve job site safety, enhance workflow, improve decision-making, and make complex tasks seem incredibly easy. Artificial intelligence helps you make decisions, while machine learning allows you to learn from past decisions. 

Construction Worker, Work, Worker, Man, IndustryConstruction Wearables & Personal Protective Equipment

Keeping your construction workers safe is a top priority. Luckily, there are a wide amount of construction wearables that are doing exactly that -- including construction exoskeletons, safety vests, smart glasses, power gloves, smart boots, smart hard hats, goggles, monitors, and more.

In addition to keeping your human workers safe, wearable tech is also helping improve efficiency by giving workers capabilities they didn’t have before. It’s a true testament to how humans and technology can work together to make your life easier. 

3D Printing

When it comes to material sourcing, 3D printing is completely changing the game. It allows for certain prefabricated materials and building components to find their way to the job site quicker and easier. Especially if you have a 3D printer on-site, you can create materials in real-time. 

Not only can this reduce waste, but it can lead to an enormous amount of cost savings when you factor in shipping, transportation, and other fees that might increase the initial cost of building.

Construction Robots & Modular Construction

Whether you have a shortage of workers or are trying to implement social distancing, construction robots have become extremely popular on construction sites today. They help you remain competitive and efficient while delegating your human workers to more important tasks. 

Modular construction is another popular technology that allows you to perform certain construction activities off-site. Once built, you deliver the project in pieces and put them together on-site with the help of cranes or construction robots. In certain scenarios, it can help you work twice as fast as traditional building methods. 

Kempten, Site, Construction Workers, Team, Foundation

Learn How to Implement Emerging Technologies With MechTest

Adopting new technology for construction projects can be a scary process, but it’s highly rewarding when done correctly. At MechTest, we take great pride in helping construction companies -- just like yours -- make this transition to improve safety, workflow, efficiency, and productivity. 

If you’re interested in saving time, money, and those daily headaches that overstay their welcome, you can trust our team of certified professionals to bring you the success and progress you’ve been waiting for. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed with the number of evolving technologies available in the construction industry today. 

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