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Ventilation Verification Assessment

Ventilation Verification Assessment

MTI Has proudly been offering Ventilation Verification Assessment of Existing HVAC Infrastructure for 54 years. We have trained certified professional ready to assist you with this service.

1) Ventilation Verification Assessment 

Filtration - Review system capacity and airflow to determine the highest Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) filtration for reducing contagions, replace or upgrade filters where needed, and verify that such filters are installed correctly. 

MERV 13 or better filtration shall be installed in the facility’s HVAC system where feasible. Ventilation Rate - Calculate the required ventilation rates for each occupied area based on the actual occupancy. Physically verify that the ventilation rate meets or exceeds the minimum outside air (OSA) rates set forth by the local jurisdiction. 

Ventilation System Operation - Physically test all ventilation components for proper operation. 

Air Distribution - Survey all inlets and outlets. Verify all ventilation is reaching the served zone and there is adequate distribution. 

Building Pressure - Verify the building pressure is per design and a negative pressure is maintained for contaminant rooms temporarily occupied by sick occupants. 

Operational Controls - Review control sequences to verify systems will maintain intended ventilation, temperature and humidity conditions during school operation. During unoccupied hours, verify a daily flush is scheduled for three changes of building volume using outdoor air. 

CO2 Monitoring - As an indicator of proper ventilation throughout the school year, all classrooms shall be equipped with a CO2 monitor within each zone of the building. 

Limited or No Existing Mechanical Ventilation. In cases where there is limited or no existing mechanical ventilation, the assessment would then focus on available options and provide the design professional with documentation to provide ventilation options. 

2. Design Professional Review – Submit the Ventilation Verification assessment report to qualified design professionals (licensed mechanical engineer, certified industrial hygienist (CIH), or mechanical design professional as defined by state or provincial guidelines). 

3. Repairs, Adjustments, Replacements and Upgrades – Work with the design professional to determine cost effective options to improve ventilation, filtration energy efficiency for the students, parents and staff that depend on a healthy learning environment.  

Completing any replacements or adjustments to the system — such as increasing ventilation and filtration or installing new equipment — without a physical assessment by a skilled, trained and certified professional may result in wasted funding, additional energy increases and premature equipment failure with no assurance the recommended strategies to reduce pathogen transmission and increase the indoor air quality were achieved. Physical verification — and thereby adjustment and/or replacement — of an HVAC system by a skilled, trained, and certified technician will ensure accurate ventilation rates, functioning filtration and achievement of the desired outcome with money well spent to protect the health and safety of students, teachers and parents.

We have done Ventilation Verification rates for schools, theaters, malls, hospitals, colleges, and much more. Call us today for a free quote. 

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