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Benefits of UAVs & Drones for Public Safety Professionals

Benefits of UAVs & Drones for Public Safety Professionals

The general concept of unmanned aerial vehicles has been around for over 100 years, but the technology and application of drones have truly skyrocketed over the past decade. Today, they can be seen all over the place -- whether it be for recreational or operational use in the public.

Of all the wonderful benefits that come with drone technology, nothing is more prominent than their versatility. They’re finding a way to be useful in virtually every industry and are helping a variety of organizations be more effective, efficient, productive, accurate, and smarter. 

One of the emerging uses and applications of UAVs in today’s modern world is with public safety professionals. They’re being used to help save lives, provide protection, and ensure a safe environment for all. Don’t worry, we’re going to break down everything you need to know!

So, what public safety agencies benefit from UAVs?

You’d be surprised at how many public safety professionals are utilizing the great technology provided by unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones. This includes law enforcement agencies, first responders, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, and security guards.

These public safety agencies have gotten creative with their use of drones and they’re only growing to be more useful each year. As the technology continues to improve, so will the uses and applications that come with it -- and that’s exactly what we’re seeing in the world today.

UAV & Drone Technology Being Used for Public Safety

One of the main reasons UAVs and drones are so useful today is due to the wide array of technology public safety professionals are utilizing with them. By combining existing technology with drones, we’re able to maximize the benefits and get the most out of them -- which is great.

For example, public safety professionals are using drones equipped with the following technology:

Facial Recognition Technology 

Public safety professionals are using drones equipped with facial recognition technology to locate and identify potential threats. 

High-Powered Listening Devices 

When spying on a threat, public safety professionals can use high-powered listening devices on drones for long-distance surveillance.

High-Powered Zoom Lenses 

If public safety professionals need to get a better look at something from a long-distance, they can utilize high-powered zoom lenses on a drone.

Night-Vision Technology 

When public safety professionals need better vision in the dark, night-vision technology on a drone allows them to see from a distance.

Thermal Imaging 

Thermal cameras are perhaps the most useful technology today, showing thermal signatures to help spot people or potential danger. 

Benefits of Using Drones for Public Safety Agencies

Now that we understand the different types of technology drones are equipped with today, we can start to understand some of the many benefits of using drones for public safety agencies across the country. Below we’re going to detail some of the most prominent benefits of drones. 

Search & Rescue Missions

Without the use of drones, search and rescue missions involved having a large group of people spread out across a large area and search for hours looking for missing people. This was even more difficult if the person was lost at sea, in the ocean, or in large bodies of water.

With drones, these public safety missions are far more successful than ever before. Thanks to drones equipped with thermal imagery, public safety professionals can search large areas more quickly and spot missing people much more easily than ever before.

Crowd & Event Monitoring

Without drones, crowd and event monitoring was largely done with law enforcement officials and medical professionals on the ground level. This makes it very difficult to lead with a proactive approach and spot suspicious activity before it happens -- which hurts their overall response.

With drones, monitoring large crowds of people is a breeze. Whether they’re responding to criminal activity, health emergencies, or potential threats, these drones work in tandem with the officials on the ground -- helping them respond faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

Evacuations During Dangerous Situations

There are a number of different scenarios where drones can be used to help increase the effectiveness of evacuations during dangerous situations. Whether it’s a hazardous material spill, natural disaster, or an active shooter, drones can help keep people out of harm’s way.

These complex environments were difficult to navigate without the use of drones, making this one of the most important public safety applications of drones today. 

Traffic Management

Traditionally, traffic management required the use of a helicopter and a reporter to spot trouble areas for incoming traffic. This not only took a lot of time, but it took money and effort to achieve. With the use of drones, traffic management is made extremely simple and cost-efficient. 

This is true with traffic jams, but also traffic accidents. In fact, law enforcement officials can use this footage along with video analytics during crime scene analysis during bad accidents. 

Medical Supply Dispatch

When someone’s life is on the line and they need medical supplies immediately, drones can quickly and efficiently dispatch medical supplies to the intended location. It’s been proven time and time again that drones move faster than people, especially in certain environments and landscapes. 

With the use of drones, first responders can respond faster than ever before. Medical supplies can get their first and provide direction to any bystanders, helping them provide assistance while first responders make their way to their location.

Disaster Recovery

The final use and application of drones for public safety professionals are with disaster recovery. Catastrophic and tragic events happen every single day, whether it’s a flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, or a major storm. These not only lead to damage but death. 

Drones can help provide support where it’s needed most and can also provide direction to first responders by getting a detailed look at the scene from above in a hurry. This is crucial to the recovery process and the ability to provide immediate medical assistance to the injured. 

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