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Benefits of Building Commissioning for Building Owners

Benefits of Building Commissioning for Building Owners

Benefits of Building Commissioning for Building Owners

Building owners want what’s best for their building. They want to ensure it meets their standards and want to rest easy knowing that it’s built for success. Anything less than that is unacceptable and intolerable, which is why they’re willing to do whatever it takes to bring their plan to fruition.

Unfortunately, this is something many building owners struggle to achieve -- with some owners never seeing the light of day with their new building construction. It’s the harsh reality that’s hard to accept, but that doesn’t mean it has to be your harsh reality. In fact, there are ways to avoid it.

One of the most prominent ways you can avoid setting your building up for failure is with the use of building commissioning. What used to be a luxury in new construction is quickly becoming a necessity and requirement for any building owner. Don’t worry, we’ll break it all down for you!

So, what is building commissioning?

Building commissioning is a systemic practice that ensures a building is designed, constructed, and operated for peak performance. It’s a form of checks and balances that ensures each building precisely, accurately, and properly meets the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR).

It’s not a new term, by any means. In fact, it’s a term that’s used in shipbuilding. Before a ship was deemed ready for service, it first had to be commissioned before setting sail. Building commissioning follows the same concept, except it applies to new and existing buildings.  

The building commissioning process follows three main principles that apply over the lifespan of the building -- determining project performance requirements, owner’s roles and responsibilities in the commissioning process, and commissioning document compliance and acceptance. 

5 Major Benefits of Building Commissioning

Despite the importance and significance of building commissioning in today’s growing economy, many property owners have never had their buildings commissioned. Not only is this not ideal, but it paves the way for a wide range of complications -- both in the short-term and long term.

The truth is there are an endless amount of benefits of business commissioning. Since it’s a long-term practice, those benefits continue to show themselves before, during, and after the building is deemed ready for operation. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, which is very valuable.

Below, we’re going to discuss five of the most important benefits of new building commissioning and why you shouldn’t overlook it with your new property.

Reducing Energy Costs & Annual Energy Consumption

Owners of commercial buildings are well aware that energy consumption is the largest operating expense they’re faced with. In fact, commercial buildings use up 36% of America’s energy each year and 65% of the country’s electricity demand. That’s a lot of energy and even more money.

Any smart building owner will be on the lookout for energy efficiency opportunities and will open the door to garnering energy savings wherever possible. Commissioning is essential to ensuring a building doesn’t exceed energy usage and can identify an energy-saving measure beforehand.

Lower Operational Costs & Utility Costs

In addition to energy savings promised with building commissioning, property owners can also lower operational costs and overall utility costs that come with ownership. By keeping these costs to a minimum, you can pave the way for higher profit margins and less money wasted. 

At the end of the day, you can rest easy knowing that your building is operating efficiently and effectively. This is every building owner’s dream, but something that most building owner’s will never get to witness. From top to bottom, your building will stay one step above the rest. 

Identify Potential Deficiencies & Address Poorly Performing Systems

One of the key benefits of commissioning your building is identifying potential deficiencies before they wreak havoc on the operation. This allows you and your team to maintain a proactive approach to building management and ensure a better overall building performance on a daily basis.

You’ll notice harmony and synchrony between the owner, design team, and contracting team that you would’ve never experienced otherwise. This leads to smoother building turnover that allows you to document progress and consistently improve as demands quickly change course.

Improved Comfort & Indoor Air Quality

Building commissioning benefits more than just the owner, design team, and contracting team. Those benefits find their way down to the occupants, guests, and employees that spend the most time inside that building during operation by providing a pristine and worthy environment.

With improved comfort and optimal indoor air quality, occupants are healthier, happier, and more productive. They won’t be dealing with humidity extremes, harsh temperatures, excessive airspeed from ventilation, loud noises, or unpleasant odors. Instead, they’ll experience peace.

Increase Equipment Life & Avoid Costly Maintenance Requests

It doesn’t matter what type of building you own or what it’s being used for, there are going to be a variety of different equipment involved in the operation and system performance. Ensuring that equipment is set up for success can save you a lot of money down the road with daily use. 

By avoiding building reparations and equipment replacements, you can steer free of costly maintenance requests and other expenses that interrupt operation. With your proactive approach, these things won’t come out of the blue and you’ll be prepared when they occur.

Undergo Building Commissioning With MechTest

At Mechanical Testing Inc., we take pride in helping building owners get the most out of their new construction project. Your success is our mission and there’s nothing that makes us happier than helping you achieve it. With building commissioning, we can set you up for sustainability.

We provide a wide range of commissioning services, including total building commissioning, cleanroom commissioning, research, boiler replacement and repair commissioning, functional and performance testing, wex energy products, blower door testing, and sound and vibration

To learn more about our services and how we can help your building achieve ultimate efficiency, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have experience in a variety of industries, including commercial, education, manufacturing, correctional facilities, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and state and federal buildings

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