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Mechanical Testing, Inc. are proud to be a channel partner of WexEnergy's  signature product WindowSkin technology.  We are a company helping our customers develop a more energy efficient building at an affordable cost this product falls right into our company goals. 

WindowSkin® is a completely transparent custom-fit window insulation system that easily mounts onto existing windows, upgrading energy efficiency and indoor comfort. The result is an easy and affordable way to make single-pane windows work like more efficient double-pane windows, or to make your existing double-pane windows work like triple-pane options.

The science behind WindowSkin is well known, yet our implementation is both elegant and unique. When WexEnergy WindowSkin panels are attached, a volume of air is trapped between your existing window and the panel. Like the gap between panes in a double-pane window (or the pockets of air in a down comforter), it is this layer of enclosed air – and its thickness in particular – that creates an insular barrier and improves the efficiency of the window.

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