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We are sorry to hear about your damaged aircraft. To get your aircraft back in the sky as quickly as possible, one of our certified DJI Drone Repair Technicians will immediately provide an email containing photographs of the items as they were received as well as a quote for the estimated labor and parts necessary to get your aircraft back in the sky. Our professional diagnostic process is only $39.

To move forward with repairs, you will be required to sign and return the quote, prepay for any parts and labor required for the repair, as well as, return shipping fees. Our labor will be charged at a rate of only $75/hour. If you choose not to have the repair performed, you will only be responsible for the $39 diagnostic and return shipping fees. If the equipment is left with an outstanding payment for more than 30 days, the client will be charged an additional $100 storage fee. Equipment with an outstanding balance and unpaid storage fee will become the property of Mechanical Testing Inc.

MTI Drones is not responsible for any additional damages that may be sustained during the shipping process. We only repair DJI Drones and their flight controllers and do not repair equipment that has sustained water damage. When packaging your drone for repairs, please ensure that along with the aircraft, the flight controller, battery, charger and all damaged parts are included. We can not begin the diagnostic until all of the necessary equipment has been received. An MTI Drones representative will send you a confirmation email of completion including tracking number to return address.

Mechanical Testing, Inc.
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