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Improving Indoor Air Quality in Schools and Medical Buildings
The Benefits of Fresh Air for Schools and Medical BuildingsBack in the old days, ensuring our schools and medical buildings had quality air circulation and ventilation was an essential part of the building process. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case in recent years and it has caused the indoor air quality to suffer where it matters the most.Of course, that all started to change once [...MORE]

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How New Technology for Construction Is Impacting the Future of Building Green
There’s nothing more important to a construction company than efficiency and productivity. That’s why construction professionals are heavily reliant on just about anything that will make their job easier, safer, and quicker -- including the emerging new technologies for construction.Construction technology has seen a great deal of improvement in recent years. This includes a wide [...MORE]

How Technology Saves Time and Money on Construction
With an ever-increasing number of technologies are emerging in the construction industry, it can be hard to keep up with them all. It is important, though, for construction professionals to stay current on the new technology so they can determine which ones will be most beneficial for their companies.Historically, the construction industry tends to be slow in adapting to new technologies. [...MORE]

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What Is Air Balancing and Why Is It Important?
Have you ever wondered why some parts of your office, retail space, hotel room, manufacturing or commercial building may feel warm while another room is freezing? Maybe you've complained to coworkers or managers about the thermostat being too high or too low. An air balance test measures the performance of HVAC equipment and hiring a certified HVAC balancer is essential.What Is Air Balancing [...MORE]

Service Area: HVAC Test and Balance