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Hiring a Drone Pilot?
What to look for when hiring a drone pilot or drone company for your project.             We have learned many lessons and so have our customers when hiring a drone pilot or company to complete a drone involved project. As difficult and painful as it was, it marked my moments of elation and pride in what we had created for our clients. We would like to highlight [...MORE]

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How Technology Saves Time and Money on Construction
With an ever-increasing number of technologies are emerging in the construction industry, it can be hard to keep up with them all. It is important, though, for construction professionals to stay current on the new technology so they can determine which ones will be most beneficial for their companies.Historically, the construction industry tends to be slow in adapting to new technologies. [...MORE]

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Watch our first episode of Vertical Viewpoints! A show where our goal is to educate, inform and discuss the Robotics and UAV industry. We will discuss the robotics ecosystem, different verticals these can exixt in and any legislative matters that may be relevant. We will also discuss new products emerging in the market. [...View Article ]

Service Area: DRONE Services