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Hiring a Drone Pilot?
What to look for when hiring a drone pilot or drone company for your project.             We have learned many lessons and so have our customers when hiring a drone pilot or company to complete a drone involved project. As difficult and painful as it was, it marked my moments of elation and pride in what we had created for our clients. We would like to highlight [...MORE]

UAV Safety Plans for Construction Sites
UAV Safety Plans on a Construction SiteIt doesn’t matter where or what you’re building, construction sites are some of the most dangerous places for workers. They’re filled with various risks, hazards, obstacles, heavy machinery, heights, and potential for injuries. The danger never ends on a construction site.Of course, that’s what makes safety such a crucial component of [...MORE]

How Sound and Vibration Testing Are Used in Preventative Maintenance
How Sound and Vibration Testing Are Used in Preventative MaintenanceWhen you own a warehouse, factory, or any other business that deals with large machinery and rotating equipment, maintenance plays a major role in your ability to function properly, efficiently, and effectively. Without regular maintenance, you could find yourself in difficult situations often.With that said, not all maintenance [...MORE]

Benefits of UAVs & Drones for Public Safety Professionals
The general concept of unmanned aerial vehicles has been around for over 100 years, but the technology and application of drones have truly skyrocketed over the past decade. Today, they can be seen all over the place -- whether it be for recreational or operational use in the public.Of all the wonderful benefits that come with drone technology, nothing is more prominent than their versatility. [...MORE]