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What is Air Balancing and why is it important?
What Is Air Balancing and Why Is It Important?Have you ever wondered why some parts of your office, retail space, hotel room, manufacturing or commercial building may feel warm while another room is freezing? Maybe you've complained to coworkers or managers about the thermostat being too high or too low. An air balance test measures the performance of HVAC equipment and hiring a certified HVAC [...MORE]

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Benefits of 3D Aerial Lidar Scanning for Construction
Benefits of 3D Aerial Lidar Scanning for ConstructionThe most precise, efficient method of remote sensing, airborne laser scanning, is more commonly known by the acronym LiDAR - Light Detection And Ranging. This active remote sensing technique records a large area of terrain and its topography as well as any objects that are present there. In other words, you receive both the visible land surface [...MORE]

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What is ASHRAE 110 Testing?
What Is ASHRAE 110 Testing?In laboratories that deal with harmful chemicals or poisonous gases, fume hoods are essential pieces of safety equipment. Fume hoods draw air through the face of the fume hood and pull hazardous fumes and gases away from the users as exhaust out of the labs. This ventilation reduces the risk of contamination.The better the fume hood, the safer the working [...MORE]

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Uses of LiDAR systems
LiDAR a helpful tool for all types of Construction.LiDAR which stands for light detection and ranging is a remote sensing method that is used for measuring the exact distance of an object on the earth’s surface. It has three components, the scanner, laser and GPS receiver. LiDAR was first introduced in the 1960s when laser scanners were mounted to airplanes. It wasn’t until the 1980s [...MORE]

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